New Fields for Morphology

29th-30th November 2016
University of Melbourne, Australia

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Final program release

The finalised program has now been released and is available on the program page. A pdf version can be downloaded here.

New Fields for Morphology aims to bring together linguists working on the morphology of less widely studied languages who are also interested in morphological theory.

The main purpose of the workshop is to engage morphological theory with exciting new empirical data, especially from the Australia + Pacific region. We hope to foster a community of morphologists concerned with both empirical and theoretical issues in Australia and abroad. Contributions are ideally based on first-hand data of individual languages or adopt a broadly comparative perspective.

All theoretical frameworks are equally welcome including papers which do not fit in with any particular framework. Papers that adopt a diachronic or comparative perspective are also welcomed to the extent they engage theoretical concerns.

Invited Speaker:

Gregory Stump (University of Kentucky)
‘Morphological description and the algebra of morphotactics’


Matthew J. Carroll
Rachel Nordlinger


University of Melbourne, Australia


29th-30th November 2016


Matthew Carroll